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[kannon & ikari || profiles will go up once Kuri remembers the ftp password!!! 8)]

Watase Ikari found herself spending much of her time in the Atrium Café as of late - with exams coming up soon, she wanted to study as much as she could - good grades were not only for her own personal satisfaction, but also for keeping her out of her fathers' clutches for a little while longer.

Nowhere to be seen were her guitar cases - study time was for studying, not for playing or being creative. Ikari had a hard time doing more than one thing at once; her concentration and focus were very 'one task oriented'. And the task at hand right now was not failing her only science requirement.

…Although it was getting really hard to concentrate, even with the classical music that poured through her headphones, because three or four feet away sat a perfect reason to not pay attention in the form of Shionozaki Kannon.

Over the top of her PC, her fourteen inch screen the only thing to hide behind, she stole the occasional glance, all curled up in the chair in her pretty jeans and layered shirts. 

As members of the clueless crew went, Kannon was unlikely to notice his audience, and moreso when it hid behind a computer screen not unlike his own. He was, as ever, a world away - absorbed fully in the meticulous task of reviewing and retyping of the year's class notes to date. It was one of the most effective ways to inject an obscene amount of data into one's brain - if only for a short time. Cumulative exams were a variety of bitch he didn't mess with, but had to tackle somehow.

With said exams just around the bend, Kannon had been spending all his freetime in the lounge. Essentials surrounded him in his sole occupation of a cluster of chairs - computer, headphones, messenger bag, textbooks, and a pen with a worried end, this most often found between his lips for an idle nibble. It wasn't the most brightly lit seat in the house, but tucked in the shade of a palm frond, the soccer captain could concentrate.

Ikari wasn't very good at opening conversation. It wasn't easy for her to think of a smooth way to ease into a chat with someone she didn't know very well, unless they were at a party or a social event.

So she wasn't sure if she should be grateful, or nervous, when her wireless connection suddenly disappeared, leaving her stranded in the middle of her human anatomy studies.

"Ah…" She eased her headphones off her head to rest around her neck, looking mildly puzzled and perhaps a bit annoyed.

"…Did your connection just die, or is it just me?" She felt silly asking, but it was a valid question! Valid!

(nevermind that the boy she was asking was spacey and really cute and… Shh!)

It was a blessing that Kannon didn't have his headphones in, or he might've missed the question entirely.

However, he missed it <i>almost</i> entirely even without them.

Looking up, as his sixth sense (hearing?) tingled that someone might have just addressed him, he looked two ways before registering that the girl at the next table was the culprit.

"What's that?" he asked, clearly having broken only recently from exam-rendered reverie.

"Ah, your wireless connection," Ikari asked, frowning at her laptop. "Is it still working?" Tucking her hair behind her ears, she frowned in irritation - the professors page with the review wasn't loading - not good.

"Mine just died, so…"

A sigh - but not a long-suffering one. She could always look it up at her dorm, but she'd prefer to do it here, where her guitars weren't around to distract her from her studies.

"Oh. Mm, let me check." Kannon guided his attention to the wireless connection indicator on his laptop, only to find it still functioning, full throttle. "Mine's still working..." He looked up and offered a shrug by way of apology. "Did you try rebooting?" Her computer had not yet registered on his radar, as he was presently occupied by the girl herself. She was quite nice to look at, now that he was looking - all almond eyes, pouty lips, and unremarkable hair.

A slightly more thoughtful scowl, and a nod. "Maybe I changed a setting by accident…" She didn't seem to notice his scrutiny - she really was annoyed at the fact that her wireless connection was dead for seemingly no reason - until she looked down at the placement of her arm, and wanted to slap herself in the forehead.

She settled for setting her forehead against her biology notebook with an exasperated chuckle.

"I think I'm studying too hard." She sat up and sighed, pushing over the hard switch for her wireless connection, which sat directly under her left wrist.

The spacey frown of Kannon's features broke with an unlikely grin. His was a countenance which gave away nothing of its would-be appearance when decorated beyond its natural reticence. He laughed with her, quietly though so as not to draw unnecessary attention (or echoes from the lofty ceiling). "I hear you, my brain is numb. But its either this or failing, I guess."

"Nn, failing is not an option," Ikari nodded firmly in a manner very similar to a rpg main character - chin tucked in, mouth set, very serious.

… :| 

"For in that path lies… Doom, I guess." Doom in the form of being forced into the realm of pop princess - given a crown she didn't want for something she didn't want to do.

"I'll suffer the numb brain a little while longer, I think." A bright, cheerful smile.

Kannon chuckled, now thoroughly distracted from the true task at hand. "A break doesn't hurt though... kind of like the 60 minutes, 60 miles rule." He glanced off toward the juice bar. "Drink?" he asked, already ruminating over his choice of sweet.

"Oo," Ikari's eyes lit up at the thought of a pineapple-orange-mango smoothie. "I'll take that temptation with the excuse of…" A pause, her eyes rolling up to the ceiling for a moment.

"…Brain food! Everyone knows you can't work on an empty stomach."

Again, very serious.

Very cute. Borderline nerdy. Kannon smiled.

"What would you like?" He stretched his lithe frame out of its folded repose, discovering a half-asleep foot in the process. He stood, ironing a kink or two from his shoulders. "I think more than just my brain went numb," he commented mildly.

"Ah," Ikari blinked. She had to take a moment to think as she too, uncurled from her position in her chair, both of her knees popping as she stood up.

…that couldn't be good.

"Vitamin C smoothie, if you would," She flashed a smile at Kannon; noting, not for the first time, how striking his features were - even if he hadn't been the athlete and elite that he was, she still would have found him very stunning to look at. "And thank you, very much."

(although she would be lying if she said that her inner girl wasn't pleased, just a little, by his attention.)

"No problem," he said, before heading off to the counter, his accoutrements of study left behind with pleasure. His drink of choice was an Antioxidant cocktail, mixed berries with a shot of something unpronounceable for energy. Retrieving both, with brightly colored straws to boot, he returned to his spot by the overgrown palm, and handed Ikari her drink. "Vitamin C, for you." Plus a napkin, for errant condensation.

"Thank  you!" She said again, looking more pleased about  her neon green straw than her smoothie, until she took a sip and sighed, sinking back into her chair and pointedly ignoring her laptop, which had been pushed off to the side.

Mmm, pineapple...

"So, what are you studying for?" She asked curiously, looking up at Kannon who - even sitting down - was still taller than she was.

The fact that she was slouching to be curled up like she was had nothing to do with it. Honest.

"Poli sci. I've got 3 exams. It's just not intuitive stuff, so it's all memorization." He took a long sip of his drink, swirling the purplish froth about with the yellow straw. Clearly the barista had no color sense. He drew a line through the dew that clung to the plastic cup with the tip of his nail. "You?"

"Mm, Human Bio," Ikari made a dissatisfied face. "Memorization, but I'm not very good at it."

...And she wasn't, realy - unless it was music, she had a pretty hard time remembering a lot of things.

"Mozart helps, though." A smile. "The experts are right about that."

"I remember studying for that. Brutal." He offered his sympathies with a grin. "I find Tiesto to be pretty good study music. Wonder if the experts would approve."

Ikari's smile brightened. "As much as I love his music, I'd be too tempted to get up and dance, rather than study." She pursed her lips, looking half-assedly sheepish, with a mischievous twinkle in her brown eyes.

"Probably not a good idea, for me."

"Why's that?" Kannon asked between sips of smoothie. Notes forgotten for the time being, he lounged comfortably in the armchair. The girl was a perfect excuse for a study break, all things considered.

"Well... Dancing is a bit counterproductive, when I'm supposed to be trying to study." She pointed out, a slight pout on her face. "And I really don't want to fail."

Failure at school meant being doomed to do as her parents wanted - and Ikari, frankly, was not interested.

"So I'll save the dancing for after exams."

"You like dancing to trance?" The senior asked. "Do you go clubbing?" 

"I used to," Ikari leaned back, sipping idly at her smoothie. "I mean, in high school and last year... I haven't been out too much, this year, but I'd like to go again soon. I miss it." The people, the namelessness that came with the enviornment of becoming the living, breathing embodiment of sound.

Oh, how she loved music.

"Human Bio is ruining my fun." :[

"Well break's coming up." Kannon offered helpfully. "You can make up for it then." The two week period between semesters was a welcome and well-timed respite from the grind. Kannon had mixed feelings about it, however, as it did not promise uninhibited leisure time. Between family obligations, social events, and extra modeling gigs (the agency was more than happy to fill his time), break sounded almost as hectic as shool. 

"Hopefully!" Ikari nodded, looking at Kannon with light curiosity. "Are you doing anything fun over your break?" She knew Kannon's reputation as a busy young man, but that didn't mean that he didn't have fun.


Kannon thought a for moment, exhaling a brief sigh. "Well, I guess most of it is 'fun' - there's just a <i>lot</i> of it." He shrugged. "It's not bad." It just wasn't relaxing.

"Ah, you're going to be busy, then." She finished her smoothie and set aside the cup, tilting her head. "I'm almost jealous. I've got nothing to do but wait for school to start again."

And it was the truth! She tucked her hair behind her ears and thought of all the guitar practice she'd be getting in, this vacation, locked in her bedroom because she refused to play dress up and house with her parents.

"Yeah, pretty much. Don't know if it's anything to be jealous of though - a break with nothing to do sounds amazing."

"Sounds boring," Ikari frowned a little, before brightening. "But if you find yourself with a couple of spare hours and you want to have nothing to do, you can always come and hang out with me. I'm just going to play guitar all vacation."

A smile.

"And maybe go out dancing."

"Yeah? If I'm in the city, sure." Modeling (as well as time with the family) meant that not only the city he would be in on any given day was subject to change, but the country as well. 

The musician still smiled brightly, genuinely happy to have the chance to hang out with another slightly odd ball in their group of "classmates". "Cool!" She shook out her hair and turned, mournfully, back to her computer.

As wonderful a distraction as Kannon was, she really did need to be studying...


"You've taken Human Bio, right?" She asked, peeking at him. "Can you quiz me?" She pursed her lips. "I mean... If you could. I don't want to keep you from your studies, but... It's a lot easier to respond to a person, rather than a computer screen." Again, that slightly sheepish look - she felt bad for asking, he probably had more important things to do.

Kannon was wont to agree; the options weighed out quite predictably between studying his notes versus helping a cute girl study hers. However, a quick glance at his screen - the screensaver was a large analog clock - reminded him otherwise. "Actually, I'd love to, but I have to run. Totally forgot but I have practice." He smiled, apologetic, and began to gather his belongings.

Ikari smiled. "It's okay - maybe another time." She almost glowed, when she grinned like she was. "And next time, I get to buy the smoothies."

"Yeah?" His smile matched hers. "Alright. It's a deal."

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