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So, two cute girls walk into an auditorium…

Twenty minutes to noon found a certain extravagantly dressed actress at the main entrance to the auditorium she'd planned on attending a rehearsal in. A little English theatre translated overseas into Japanese, with less witty humor and angst-soaked drama. Be it as it may, Haru was probably a good hour early, but she needed a way to wind down and get her nerves off the racetrack before the rehearsal she'd spend all night preparing for.

Painted hand on the handle, she paused, blinking.

Was that a guitar she was hearing from inside?

And as this was Haru, after all, a peek inside was absolutely mandatory -- so the wooden door cracked open, the fast-paced chords hurdling into the marble-lined hall.

Watase Ikari was trained in classical guitar - she'd trained herself on electric guitar, and this new sound she'd recently gotten into - this bluesy, slap-pluck noise, was her new favorite thing.

She sat on the stage of the auditorium, on a chair she'd stolen from backstage, with her beloved KOA, Nikko, on her leg, her fingers moving furiously along the strings, noting each and every wrong note, every slip of her nail against a sting, thinking of how she could correct it next time.

She did not realize that there was anyone coming into the auditorium; she didn't even know that there was rehearsal happening today, for anything.

So he kept her head over her guitar, watching her fingers, dark hair swaying as she bobbed her head to the music she was making.

Four-inch Mary Janes sank into carpet like quicksand, carrying a girl along with them a few rows past the front door. Dark-rimmed eyes and a tilted head watched the scene on the stage unfold. An unfortunate thought of It was a girl? entered Haru's normally sexism-free mind as she unconsciously bopped along. Female or male, human or alien, short or tall -- the viciously-playing form and the music erupting out of that beautiful hollow instrument seemed to be one with each other.


She was sure even her fingers couldn't move that fast on guitar strings.

Ikari's fingers and palms slapped and plucked the strings - her concentration was clear, her focus tangible. All there was in the world was that guitar against her stomach and the strings that she manipulated.

And to think, her parents had wanted her to be a pop star.

The piece was only a minute long, though - one long strike of her strings and it was over - shaking her hair back out of her face, Ikari smiled brilliantly.

That had sounded better than last time~ ♥!

Only then did she look up, although not out over the auditorium and its empty (or so she thought) seats, but to her small, silver watch, glancing at the time.

"It's almost noon," the artist's voice carried over the rows, echoing. "I would suggest finishing up, though, because honestly, you do not want to face Nakamura's angry wrath when he, knowing him, probably hasn't eaten lunch yet, and he sees you in here for an 'unjustified reason'."

And despite the good-natured warning, Haru was grinning.

The guitarist on the stage was so startled that she jumped up out of the chair, squeaking and blinking out into the chairs, looking apologetic and confused. "I'm sorry, I..." She glanced at her watch again.

"I guess I lost track of the time..." ^^;

Flabbergasted, the older girl flailed her hands around. "No, no, no -- don't be sorry! You were really amazing!" Heels be damned, she ambled up to the stage, elbows in position, chin on her palm.

"Can you play something else?"

"Ah, sure," Ikari sat back down, righting her bookbag and looking up at the other girl, smiling brightly. "What would you like?" Since it was her acoustic, she couldn't shred solos like she could with Iris, but that was all right.

(piercing someone's eardrums with solos wasn't the best way to make a good first impression, anyway!)

But little did she know that the chestnut-haired actress didn't care very much about any of that.

Playing imaginary tic-tac-toe with one purple nail on the dusty stage, Haru glanced up, a smile slipping easily over her lovely lips. "Anything you can play. Whatever you pick, I guarantee you I'll like it."

Ikari pursed her lips, looking thoughtful for a moment - the acoustic version of the old X Japan ballad came easily - she played out the chords and solos and carefully murmured the lyrics under breath to make sure that she was keeping in correct pace, since she had a nasty bad habit of accidently speeding things up.

She almost ignored her one-girl audience, so focused on her strings and her chords and her pickless fingers.

Ignored? ]: Ouch.

The sight entranced the young woman standing in her cute heels in her cute dress in her cute yellow beret, who soon startled herself with a realization that rocked across a nation of girls in cute heels. "Oh! I know this song!" Be still my heart!

Ikari looked up and smiled, still playing. "Mm-hm." She couldn't really talk, not with the way that she was reciting chords and strings in her head, but she shifted to lean back a little, finishing the chorus before letting the vibration strain out, smiling at Haru.

"You're a member of the Performing Arts Club, aren't you?" She asked, feeling bad for not remembering; she only went to their meetings when she had the time which, unfortunately, was less often than she would have liked.

"Yes! And you... I guess you're either not, or you don't go very often, because I'd definitely remember an adorable girl like you." Was that sucking up? No. It was Haru being genuine and overcomplimenting people, who she didn't even know, once again. "Koharu Megumi. Call me Haru." A hand was stuck out, reaching in vain. Shaking hands wasn't so customary these days, and she was fighting against the masses, maybe, but damnit, she would shake whoever's hand she pleased!!!


"You're right, I don't get to go very often." Not saying anything about the comment, Ikari laughed a little, smiled brightly, and moved to crouch on the stage, moving her guitar out of the way to accept the handshake.

"Watase Ikari. Hajimemashite, Haru-san."

"Gah, no -san! Just Haru, okay?" And the actress bit her lip, grinning around even that.

"Naa~" Ikari had a high voice, mezzo-soprano, and that pretty smile didn't leave her face. "Haruuu~chan?" She tried instead, pushing her hair back behind her ear, still holding Nikko out to one side, thinking that she should put her in the case, because she was probably done with her for the day.

Of course, one dazzling smile had to be met with another, before the older girl laughed, head falling back. "That works too! But only if I get to call you Ikari-chan or Kari-chan. Or maybe cutiepie."

That last part was a joke -- but the meaning behind it wasn't. Ikari was adorable!

Ikari smiled brightly, just like her almost-name, and a flush crossed her cheeks. "Ikari-chan is fine," She said, moving to set Nikko into her case. She hadn't been called that in a long, long time.

"Kari works too." She sat on the edge of the stage with her guitar case, carefully hopping down to lock it. She was shorter than Haru, although it might have been the heels - and she smiled up at her companion.

(...on second thought, maybe Haru really was just taller.)

One could only tell when the heels were off. And who knew when that would be.

"Ikari-chan, then. Are you heading out?" inquired the actress slash artist with the blinding yellow beret.

"Mm, yes." Ikari said, nodding, her head bobbing and her longish hair swaying. "You said that there was some kind of practice happening, so... I don't want to be in the way." She could practice with Nikko at home - it was Iris, her beloved Stratocaster, that her parents really couldn't stand.

"I'm sure that there's another auditorium hall open somewhere."

"You're already leaving me?" ;o;

"...Well," Ikari puffed out her cheeks for a moment. "I was thinking about going to get a coffee... If you want you can some with me, and tell me what's happening in the club that I've been missing," :D

Her face brightened at the thought of being more included in the things that she loved - and getting to know this pretty girl a little better. Ikari had many acquaintances, but few friends, because not many people seemed as... Well, Geniune, as Haru seemed to be.

Fingers crossed, She thought to herself as she waited for a response.

A smile was her first answer. "Weeell," echoed the beret-donning girl, "I guess I could be convinced if wherever you're going has hot chocolate." Which was every coffee shop (hopefully). "I'll tell you all about the drama club, and you can tell me all about your guitar playing. Deeal?"

Rehearsal was in an hour. Haru could kill some time.

All about her guitar playing?

...Haru might not make it back to rehersal.

"Sure," Ikari replied with a bright laugh. "I think I can handle that."

"You better, because I have a lot of horror stories to share." Overcome with a grin, the actress ushered cutiepie along toward the front doors.

Ushered, Ikari was.

"Can't wait."

And she wasn't kidding, either.

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