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[28 Dec 2010|02:31am]

This is just a post to ensure that the community isn't purged for inactivity.

[INTERVIEW] Takeda Haya & JLife Weekly [19 Jul 2008|01:27am]

[ haya flying solo | the following is torn out of the magazine it's printed in and scribbled upon in silver sharpie, sent to one rong starke, brooklyn, new york. ]

J-X #13,Collapse )
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things you can't tame. [17 Jul 2008|12:41am]

[ midori w. miki vs. aki ]

it didn't seem right ...Collapse )

Twisted Roots [15 Jul 2008|11:02am]

[aki, miki]

Flashin lights. Summer nights.Collapse )

wi-fi [13 Jul 2008|09:41pm]


[kannon & ikari || profiles will go up once Kuri remembers the ftp password!!! 8)]

Watase Ikari found herself spending much of her time in the Atrium Café as of late - with exams coming up soon, she wanted to study as much as she could - good grades were not only for her own personal satisfaction, but also for keeping her out of her fathers' clutches for a little while longer.

Nowhere to be seen were her guitar cases - study time was for studying, not for playing or being creative. Ikari had a hard time doing more than one thing at once; her concentration and focus were very 'one task oriented'. And the task at hand right now was not failing her only science requirement.

…Although it was getting really hard to concentrate, even with the classical music that poured through her headphones, because three or four feet away sat a perfect reason to not pay attentionCollapse )


trendbreaking [09 Jul 2008|10:34pm]

[ mood | good ]

[from 7/1. solo.]


Birthdays, though all too frequent and ever wielding the inevitable pendulum of age, dictated no protocol in TaeHyun's world, his own uncelebrated since his delivery at the doorstep of his second life. Like a sieve with holes too largeCollapse )


you could be happy. [06 Jul 2008|09:48pm]


| kaiya & tetsuya |

Idle fingers traced the rim of an empty glass sitting in a ring of condensation on a smooth coffee table, brushed metal polished, low to the ground.Collapse )

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simple hellos [03 Jul 2008|10:33am]


So, two cute girls walk into an auditorium…Collapse )
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availability changes [20 Jun 2008|10:52pm]


my uncle has just been diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood disorder in a very acute stage and due to other factors surrounding my extended family's circumstances there may be a lot of upheaval in the coming weeks. i will keep you informed as to my status, for now please assume that any entropy related activity on my part will be by appointment only and subject to circumstances/change/etc.

ainsi has my contact information should i be traveling during the next few weeks, which is very likely, and can run any questions by me that are game-changing or storyline critical if i am unavailable.

life is transient, make the best of it -- in the meanwhile your well wishes for my uncle and my family are appreciated. thank you,

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as long as you want [19 Jun 2008|11:42am]

[ midori | aki ]

the pool...Collapse )
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